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Clothing book this clothing book is for the period 19478. Four war ration book four pamphlets from world war ii, with ration stamps still in them. War ration book four, issued to the family of gardiner. The books are all from the same syracuse, new york family. I can remember queuing up with the 3 ration books at lyons staff stores, near. Ration stamps were widely used during world war ii by both sides after hostilities caused interruption to the normal. World war ii ration books bridgeport history center. Motorists received ration stamps according to their needs, with pleasure. Each stamp authorized a purchase of rationed goods in the quantity and time designated, and the book guaranteed each family its fair share of goods made scarce, thanks to the war.

People lined up at public places staffed by volunteers who took depositions on how much sugar each family already had at home and then issued ration books containing coupons good for a years supply. World war ii ration book three stamps these are the. Wwii war ration coupon stamp book wallet pouch lot ww2. Florida memory united states of america war ration book one. Each member of the family was issued ration books, and it was the challenge of the homemaker to pool the stamps and plan the familys meals within the set limits. Some clothing stamps were eventually validated for shoe rationing. To simplify the system, only six shades of leather were produced. There is a page inside the food ration books for the names and addresses of shops. Owing to the shortage of gasoline, all kinds of automobile racing competitions were banned.

Anyone you wish can take the ration books to teh store to do the buying for you or your household. Your first ration book has been issued to you, originally containing 28 war ration stamps. Permission to publish material from the world war ii rationing stamps program must be obtained from the special collections manuscript curator andor the special collections department head. To assist with rationing, ration books were introduced on 15 july 1918 for butter, margarine, lard, meat and sugar. Once the allotted amount was purchased, the coupon or stamp was either removed from the. The ration books contained removable stamps good for certain rationed items, like sugar, meat, cooking oil, and canned goods. Ration stamps were widely used during world war ii by both sides after hostilities caused interruption to the normal supply of goods. To conserve rubber and gasoline, a countrywide speed limit of 35miles per hour was implemented. Jan 31, 20 the small coins introduced in 1944 were used by retailers to give change back for food bought with ration stamps. Some items, such as sugar, were distributed evenly based on the number of people in a household. Lot of 7 wwii ration books including rare sugar ration book with stamps. Holders like these would help protect the book and its stamps. War ration book one ration coupons on the home front. There were also red stamps, not included in eileens ration book purse, used to ration meat.

It is interesting to note that some cookbooks published during the war featured sugarless recipes so home cooks could more easily comply with the rationing program. Sugar, the first item rationed nationwide in may 1942, started the process, followed by coffee. Each man, woman, and child could purchase up to three pairs of leather shoes a year, using designated stamps in war ration book one, and later in books three and four. Collection consists of ration coupons, stickers, permits, and certificates for tires. Throughout the 1940s every man woman and child in britain owned ration books of coupons that. Ration stamps became a kind of currency with each family being issued a war ration book. World war wwii ration book one 3 stamps certificates. An antihoarding, prorationing poster from the united states in world war ii.

Other meat value of 1 shilling and 2 pence equivalent to 2 chops cooking fat 4 oz. Great collection of world war ii ration books, stamps, and tokens bt3874. Included in this collection are ten ration books, two opa red points, two opa blue points, one ration book pouch, and one ration token pouch. The first ration book was introduced in the us in 1942. Each stamp was worth 1 lb of sugar and was given a designed two week period during. Wwii us war rations books and stamps this page describes the way in which resources such as gas and sugar were rationed and distributed to the civilian population in the united states during wwii. Vintage lot of 4 world war ii war ration book wstamps inside konczal family. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. Eventually three billion ration stamps a month would be passed from the consumer to the retailer, who passed them on to the wholesaler, who sent them to the manufacturer, who had to account for them to the federal government. Food is a weapon the rationing of goods in us during wwii. Area camp san luis obispo for the 1898 camp merriam just north of the lombard street entrance to the presidio in san francisco. By 1942 many other foodstuffs, including meat, milk, cheese, eggs and cooking fat were also on the ration.

A look back america rations food during world war ii, and civilians. On february 7, 1943, the united states instituted rationing of leather shoes to begin on february 9. Rationing began on 8th january 1940 when bacon, butter and sugar were rationed. Coffee seedlings stolen from yemen in 1699 were planted near the dutch base on. The martins got their meat at henson the butchers and their eggs, cheese, bacon, sugar and butter at burtons stores in stratfordonavon. Used ration books, undated box1, folder9 containers description dates box folder 1 9 item 1. War ration stamps may be used only by or for the person named and described in the war ration book. Ration book four also introduced red and blue cardboard tokens, each valued at onepoint, to be used as change for ration coupon purchases.

Rationing was regulated by the office of price administration and ration books holding stamps used for purchasing goods were distributed to all citizens. The war ration stamps are very common and the demand for them in the collectors circle is not very high. Have you come across ration books in your genealogy research. Sarah sundin on february 7, 1943, the united states instituted rationing of leather shoes to begin on february 9. Florida memory united states of america war ration book. World war wwii ration book one 3 stamps certificates booklet vintage. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Make offer 6 ww ii war ration books 4 book one, 2 book no. These books were distributed to americans during world war ii. Once a persons ration stamps were used up for a month, she couldnt. During world war ii, ration books were distributed to families by the office of price administration opa to help regulate food shortages as a result of the war.

Over time the number of rationed items grew as did the red tape. A shopkeeper stamps mrs days ration book during her shopping trip on. There is a note on the back of the book that reads. How the ministry of food managed food rationing in world war two. Each stamp was illustrated with a military symbol such as a naval ship, airplane, tank, gun, horn of plenty or torch of liberty, adding a patriotic flair. The ration books contained removable stamps good for certain rationed items, like sugar. Between 1942 1947, the government issued four different series of ration books. During the war, average calories intake decreased only three percent, but protein intake six percent. What is the value of war ration book four with stamps. Of the 180,000,000 printed, 123,000,000 were issued. The front cover of the war ration s book is featured on the picture above. Ration books were very valuable and had to be presented to the grocery clerk. One can only imagine the frustration of juggling all these different ration books in order just to get byhere is a wonderfully wry account of the travails of dealing with ration books. Rubber was the first commodity rationed followed by gasoline and foodstuff such as sugar, coffee, meats butter, canned goods, and shoes and clothing.

War ii ration coupon collection, 19421946, david m. The stamps contained in this book are valid only after the lawful holder of this book has signed the certificate below, and are void if detached contrary to the regulations. The coupons, smaller than postage stamps and stuffed into three little booklets, were for staples like sugar, gas, coffee and milk. Here are some of the stamps and booklets they were using across the united states during the early 40s. The story my grandparents war ration books told me. Nine ration books include three war ration book one, three war ration book two, and four war ration book three. Wwii war bonds war bond stamp book, first page wwii scrapbook. Included is an eight cent stamp depicting a mail delivery driver with holes along the right edge, a postcard with two russian stamps, and a bicentennial of the day of freedom july 4 76 cover in a vinyl storage case with four thirteen cent stamps marked july 4, 1776. Every american was issued a series of ration books during the war. In 1942 rationing had started for sugar, gasoline and other goods. Office of price administration covid19 update may 17, 2020.

Usps first class, priority mail or media mail depending on the weight. Ration book four was printed in red, blue and green. Each book was numbered, and the stamps inside controlled peoples consumption of things like food, gasoline and even clothing. Every person must see that his war ration book is kept in a sage place and properly used. Di natale ration stamps printed, but not used, as a result of the 1973 oil crisis end to racing and sightseeing driving. Both have 3 sheets of stamps plus one partial sheet of 46 stamps. Jul 10, 2015 the above photo are blue ration stamps from a real war ration book number two. See more ideas about ration stamp, stamp and wartime recipes. The first ration book was introduced in the us in 1942, with people receiving their first one on may 4 th the same year. Us rationing books owned by my mother and grandmother, wwii photo. But dont sell it untill you get a good idea of the prices people are getting for that kind of thing. A fair share for all we cannot afford to waste food or give some people more than their fair share.

Once they used up their stamps, people could not buy rationed goods until they received additional stamps. Ration book used during world war ii with sheets of stamps inserted in the middle. Stamp 16 was for sugar the book was nicknamed the sugar book but, to my. Ration books contained removable stamps that could be used to buy restricted items such as sugar, meat, cooking oil, canned goods, shoes. A person could not buy a rationed item without also giving the grocer the right ration stamp. Footware ration stamps and forms box1, folder2 containers description dates box folder 1 2 item 1. Note the first stamps in war ration book one will be used for the purchase of sugar. World war ii ration books and tokens, with two ration pouches. War ration stamps were a common item, and they are not in high demand as a collectible item, making their value fairly low. Perhaps your relatives received ration books during world war ii. Ration books, world war ii, original object lessons. World war ii ration book three stamps these are the world war ii ration stamp books of young william walton smith jr.

Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Once a persons ration stamps were used up for a month. March 1, 1942 food rationing begins nationwide the. This article may feature affiliate links to amazon or other companies, and purchases made via these links may earn us a small commission at no additional. Did you know that these books could hold significant clues into your ancestry. World war ii rationing stamps program, 19431946 overview of the collection title world war ii rationing stamps program dates 19431946 inclusive 1943 1946 quantity 1 box. Two world war ii war ration book four with stamps issued houston texas. Make offer two world war ii war ration book four with stamps issued houston texas war ration book with original coupons intact. Digital collection wwii war ration book 4 american centuries. The paper stubs, or stamps, in each ration book purchased rationed consumer goods and foods.

Book of ration stamps belonging to margie marie bennett. The work of issuing ration books and exchanging used stamps for certificates was handled by some 5,500 local ration boards of mostly volunteer workers selected by local officials. Food rationing appeared in poland after the first world war, and ration stamps were in use until the end of the polishsoviet war. Several photographs of the paperwork needed to obtain food and gas are displayed here. War ration book one ration coupons on the home front, 1942. Everyone in the country was given a book full of stamps which were. Families obtained coupon books from government agencies and. Distributed may 20, 1943 the coupons used for food and other commodities. A father, mother, or guardian may sign the name of a person under 18. A ration stamp or ration card is a stamp or card issued by a government to allow the holder to obtain food or other commodities that are in short supply during wartime or in other emergency situations when rationing is in force.

I was given 6 war ration books with most of the stamps still in them. World war two ration stamp points release dates living like. Study the ration book and stamps to answer the questions below. In case of questions, difficulties or complains, consult your local ration board. Initially used to ration sugar, coupons were later designated for other products. I do not know anything else about this young man, or what became of him. Government issue ration coupon or stamp books were required to be presented to merchants before purchase.

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